SiyonaTech Case Study - Providing Remote Assistance

Industry: Various industries
Solution: Augmented Reality App

Learning Technologies Awards 2016 - Winner of the Silver Award for Most innovative new learning technologies product in the UK

Use case/challenge:

Remote real-time video-based support or guidance within a field-based technician’s field of view.



Our LiveAssist solution allows a field-based technician to obtain assistance from a central support centre through a video call within their SmartGlasses. A support centre expert is able to see what the field technician can see and can guide them to solve an issue. LiveAssist enables the support centre expert to take a still image, annotate it and send it back to the technician’s field of view, together with any other materials that will help the technician to solve the problem.

Developed as a productised / backbone solution, LiveAssist can be customised and deployed in a cost-effective manner within a short period of time.