SiyonaTech Case Study - Contextualising Process Training

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Solution: e-learning

Use case/challenge:

A leading global pharmaceutical company was looking to deliver Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) training on Events and Grants in an engaging manner. Given the sensitivity around these two areas due to the recent high profile cases, it was important that learners clearly understood the context, the process, various stakeholders involved and even intangible issues such as the role of perception.



The solution designed allowed learners to interactively build up the process, highlighting the stakeholders involved and the approval requirements at the different stages. An animated video illustrated the document flow which is an integral part of the process. Knowledge check questions were interspersed at various points within the e-learning to ensure that learners’ understanding was reinforced. Finally, a real life case study brought the process to life and made it contextual for the learners.