SiyonaTech Case Study - Customising User Journeys

Industry: Aviation
Solution: Cornerstone LMS custom page development

Use case/challenge:

A leading aviation organisation had implemented the Cornerstone LMS but was looking to improve the user experience as well as utilise the LMS custom page capability much more to deliver short learning experiences and enhanced employee engagement.



SiyonaTech designed a custom front end (including branding, landing page, home pages for learning and performance) using NATS’ branding, imagery and a range of features such as carousels and accordions to deliver a great initial experience to learners before they delved into the learning content.

At a later stage of development, induction pages were developed within the LMS itself with social media features.

In addition, custom pages and menus for e-learning content ensured that the learners had an integrated experience from the moment they logged into the LMS.