SiyonaTech Case Study - Delivering On-Demand Support

Industry: various
Solution: SmartGlasses-based Augmented-Reality App

Use case/challenge:

On-demand performance support through ones field-of-view.



The SmartAssist solution allows users to bring in information within their SmartGlasses to help perform a task successfully; a step-by-step process help or quick solution to a problem. Featuring the ability to provide learners with graphic, video and animated content within their point-of-view, the Smart Assist solution an be used to in a ‘Step-by-Step’ assist mode or a ‘QuickAccess’ mode where users could jump to a specific point where they are stuck. The solution allows the users hands to be free to carry on the task and they can toggle between the support and work modes as required.


Developed on SiyonaTech’s productised/backbone solution, the SmartCheck solution can be deployed cost effectively and within a very short timeframe.