SiyonaTech Case Study - Experiencing Sales Situation

Industry: FMCG
Solution: Virtual Reality App

Use case/challenge:

A leading global organisation was looking to launch product training in a novel manner, putting the sales person in situ at the point-of-performance.



A Virtual Reality (VR) App was developed where the learner could use their iPhone within a Google Cardboard headset and engage in objection handling simulations within the client’s premises. Use of 3D video and an immersive environment mimicked real life as closely as possible, with the ability for the learner to interact and make choices. The client’s reaction to the decisions helped the learner understand how best to position the product.

Aside from being a novel exciting way to learn, a key advantage was the sales person was in an environment where they wouldn’t be distracted, which is likely in more non immersive forms of learning!