SiyonaTech Case Study - Fighting Cypercrime Globally

Industry: G8/Global Association
Solution: E-Learning

Use case/challenge:

Given the increasing global threat from Cybercrime and the prevalence across borders, the G8 (Group of 8 Nations) was keen to train its staff and delegates on the basics of cybercrime and how to prevent it. The G8 presidency was moving from the UK to Russia at the end of the year, and UK was keen to produce a resource as part of its legacy.



SiyonaTech produced an interactive learning solution hinged around a case study of a cybercrime that had taken place in Italy but with the servers based in the UK. Using animated videos and interactive exercises, the learner could dive deeper into the various aspects of cybercrime, including basic concepts such as the internet, protocols, etc. To make the connection with real life, the e-learning also contained useful information on the global and local bodies they could coordinate with in case of an attack.

The feedback shared was that the delegates were most impressed with the ease of use, the content and the overall functionality of the e-learning.