SiyonaTech Case Study - Making Compliance Engaging

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Solution: e-learning

Use case/challenge:

A leading global pharmaceuticals company needed to develop and launch their Global Integrity & Compliance Academy within a very short period of time and in a highly engaging format. There was also a lot of existing learning material (PDFs and Videos) that they were looking to integrate within the overall learning experience.



SiyonaTech designed and developed a suite of 6 highly interactive learning modules across a range of topics such as Third Party Risk Management and Due Diligence, Company Level Controls (CLC), Policy Landscape, Framework & Governance, etc. The approach used was to treat the ‘computer as the tutor’ with the learners being directed to existing materials, then returning to the course to complete interactive case studies and application-oriented exercises that allowed them to internalise the learning. Aside from making use of (good) existing materials, it provided a richer learning experience overall. Users were also able to prepare an action plan, print off a certificate and download tips on partnering with the business.

The six courses were developed over a period of 6 months and the Integrity & Compliance Academy went live as scheduled.