SiyonaTech Case Study - Treating people right

Industry: Media
Solution: E-Learning

Use case/challenge:

NBCUniversal, part of the Comcast Group, was looking to launch the group Code of Conduct in a memorable manner. There were a lot of myths within the organisation which NBCUniversal was looking to dispel. Also regional requirements needed to be taken into account.



SiyonaTech designed a highly interactive learning solution using animated storytelling, a range of interactive exercises and case scenarios to drive home the key points. Unlike traditional compliance e-learning, there was hardly any ‘telling’ and the users were encouraged to apply their existing knowledge, take decisions and learn through making mistakes (and the feedback). The User Interface design mimicked a media interface with a ‘remote control’ acting as the menu for the programme. Users could download detailed country guidelines from the remote control.

The solution was very well received and, upon request, translated into 7 different languages.