SiyonaTech Case Study - Gaming To Understand Different Perspectives

Industry: Aviation
Solution: Serious (Multiplayer-)Game

Use case/challenge:

NATS were looking to provide an appreciation of the different skills required of an air traffic controller and an aircraft pilot. They wanted to develop a game that could be deployed at the 2016 Royal International Air Show (RIAT) as well as at NATS recruitment/induction events.



Using dual monitors, a joystick and radio links, SiyonaTech designed a multi-player game which gave players the opportunity to take on the role of a controller or pilot. The players worked together to navigate a plane along a designated flightpath. Only the controller could see the flightpath. The controller needed to provide verbal navigation commands via the radio link. Using a joystick, the pilot had to navigate the plane through the invisible airspace flightpath ready to land at Heathrow Airport. The game had 3 levels, with flightpaths becoming gradually more complex to navigate. Gamification features encouraged the users to move through the levels.

NATS told us that visitors to their stand at RIAT returned to the game again and again to try to reach higher levels.