SiyonaTech Case Study - Working Together to Win

Industry: Public sector (multi-agency)
Solution: Game based learning and Communication

Use case/challenge:

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) was looking to communicate key messages at a multi-agency conference aimed at promoting closer working between the Police, Health, Education and Social Care.



SiyonaTech designed an immersive maze game in which users could take on a role within one of the agencies and work together with the other agencies to save a child from a burning building. A ticking clock kept the pressure on and the users collected points by answering questions along the way, thereby extending the time. If they reached the burning building on time, each agency held one corner of the blanket onto which the child jumped.

The game became the highlight of the conference and the characters from the game were used for future branding in this area, including the use of the term ‘blanket meeting’ to refer to a multi-agency cooperation meeting.