About us

We are a team of people who are excited about the convergence of design and technology, and how to use it to solve problems and make our clients stand out from the crowd.

Our approach is to look at challenges from a different perspective in order to find unique transformational insights. We believe this results in differentiated outcomes for our customers.

Our Values

Our core values of ‘Happiness & Grace‘ guide us in our interactions with our customers and stakeholders. We look for happy outcomes for clients, staff and partners and believe in conducting business gracefully.

Why Siyona Tech?

It’s down to the basics really:

  • Approaching your problem with an open mind
  • Using a common sense approach to evaluating the best solutions
  • Stepping back to think through things before launching into design options
  • Building stuff that works, your people love and meets your goals

Finally, underpinning all of the above are three things ‘service, service, service’

Award Winning Solutions


Our Promises

We have evolved a set of promises that form our valued customer charter:

  • We will create exceptional products that deliver great value
  • We will find the best possible solution to your problem
  • We will always seek happy outcomes for our clients, staff and partners
  • We will give back to the community
  • We will be there for you when you need us
  • We will make the process simple so you can focus on your job