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Results Snapshot for our VR Aircraft Cabin Fire-Fighting Trial

During the academic year of 2018/19 86, 17-21 year old Students on assorted Travel and Tourism courses at three different FE Colleges in the South-East of England, underwent a SiyonaTech VR Cabin Fire-fighting training day. The majority of these Students intended to pursue careers as Flight Attendants and had little or no prior experience of […]


Cabin Fire VR Trial starting to produce results

The second phase of SiyonaTech’s Virtual Reality trial is well under way with a second visit, on the 10 May to the City of Oxford College to assess the programme retention of students who underwent the initial training and assessment on the 12 December last year. The class performance average of 70% is the highest […]

Designing for the modern learner profile

There is a huge shift in the way end-users are consuming content and information today. So, what has changed? Content overload Content bombards us through different channels and access to it now quite literally appears at one’s command. Google, WhatsApp, Social media, RSS feeds, intranets, emails, news updates, podcasts, subscription channels, apps with push notifications, […]


SiyonaTech’s VR trial enters exciting next stage

On the 7th Nov 2018, 14 City of Oxford College Travel and Tourism Students were put through the Learning and Assessment phases of a Virtual Reality Aircraft Cabin Fire-Fighting programme; all passed and were awarded their certificates. On the 27th Feb 2019 (111 days later) we asked those same Students to attempt just the Assessment phase in order to measure […]

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Virtual Reality versus the Flight or Freeze response

Join us at Learning Technologies Exhibition for a great seminar titled: “Virtual Reality versus the Flight or Freeze response” When: 13th February 2019 – 3.30pm Where: Theatre 9 – Learning Technologies at the Excel London Who: Colin Metcalfe, Performance Design, SiyonaTech A famous national football manager once commented: “You can never recreate on the training […]

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Harnessing the power of emerging technologies to bridge the ‘Learning – Doing’ Gap – AR, VR and more!

Join us at Learning Technologies Exhibition for a great seminar titled: “Harnessing the power of emerging technologies to bridge the ‘Learning – Doing’ Gap – AR, VR and more!” When: 14th February 2019 – 12.30pm Where: Theatre 10 – Learning Technologies at the Excel London Who: Sambit Mohapatra, Founder & Director, SiyonaTech Bridging the ‘Learning-Doing’ […]


Reading College becomes third teaching institution to join Siyona Tech’s VR Cabin Fire-Fighting Trial

On the 23rd January 14 Diploma in Travel and Tourism, Level 3 students became the first Reading College class to successfully complete the Siyona Tech VR Cabin Fire-Fighting programme and earn their Achievement Certificates. College Lecturer, Christina Elkins, described the day as a: ‘fantastic learning experience’! Written by Colin Metcalfe.


Oxford Students Receive Certificates

Big thanks to Cheri Ashby, Group Executive Director at Activate Learning & Head of City of Oxford Campus, for presenting the Virtual Reality Aircraft Cabin Fire-Fighting Programme achievement certificates to successful students last month. Written by Colin Metcalfe.


SiyonaTech’s VR trial – Sample group expanding fast!

SiyonaTech paid their second visit to the City of Oxford Further Education College on the 14th December as part of their Virtual Reality trial. In front of a range of interested visitors and observers from Oxford and other colleges, 16 first year students were put through their paces on the Aircraft Cabin Fire-Fighting programme. All 16 passed and […]


Visit us at this year’s OEB Global!

Siyona Tech are sponsoring this year’s OEB Global, which incorporates Learning Technologies Germany and will take place at the intercontinental in Berlin from the 5th to 7th December. OEB is a Global, cross sector conference and exhibition which brings you to the forefront of leading technology supported learning and training. It has a unique cross […]