The second phase of SiyonaTech’s Virtual Reality trial is well under way with a second visit, on the 10 May to the City of Oxford College to assess the programme retention of students who underwent the initial training and assessment on the 12 December last year.

The class performance average of 70% is the highest so far. This is an incredible level of recall after an elapsed period 137 days! This is further evidence that VR training, with its realistic environments, performance dependant outcomes and most importantly the opportunity it presents to practice and rehearse over and over again, is the best training tool available for Immediate Action (IA) drills and procedures.

Written by Colin Metcalfe.

On the 7th Nov 2018, 14 City of Oxford College Travel and Tourism Students were put through the Learning and Assessment phases of a Virtual Reality Aircraft Cabin Fire-Fighting programme; all passed and were awarded their certificates.

On the 27th Feb 2019 (111 days later) we asked those same Students to attempt just the Assessment phase in order to measure retention and ability. There was no retraining apart from a short tutorial on VR controls.

The Students produced an average mark of 59%, a pleasing result considering their age and experience, the gap between exposures, plus the fact they are in full-time education and will have had to study other innumerable un-related subjects during the intervening period.

The SiyonaTech trial team are hoping to maintain and even improve on this result when revisiting the other qualified Students at the 3 participating Colleges.

Written by Colin Metcalfe.

Join us at Learning Technologies Exhibition for a great seminar titled: “Virtual Reality versus the Flight or Freeze response”

When: 13th February 2019 – 3.30pm

Where: Theatre 9 – Learning Technologies at the Excel London

Who: Colin Metcalfe, Performance Design, SiyonaTech

A famous national football manager once commented: “You can never recreate on the training ground the circumstances of the penalty shootout.” Was he right and does that rule apply for other environments where non-specialised personnel might be called upon to step up and perform a critical function during an uncommon and stressful event?

Sometimes these individuals confront the challenge chance has chosen to impart upon them, but sometimes they don’t.

This session considers:

  • What makes an individual: Fight, Flight or Freeze?
  • Why have these options developed for our species, and are they always as good or as bad as they first seem?
  • What personalities are prone to choosing what responses?
  • Can conditioning / training do anything to manage responses and steer employees towards a specific behaviour?

In particular can Virtual Reality (VR), with its ability to create stressful environments overcome the psychological reaction of individuals when confronted with obstacles they have never encountered before, and will probably never encounter again for the rest of their working life?

About Colin

Colin is originally an aircraft engineer who went on to teach at military academies, FE Colleges, and Comprehensive schools. In 1995 he graduated from Oxford Brookes College with a BA in Professional Studies in Education.

In 2000 he left the classroom to move into Learning Design and eLearning. He worked for several new media companies until 2009 when he set up his own Learning Design company.

At SiyonaTech he works in Performance Design and is spearheading their Virtual Reality trial for Aircraft Fire-Fighting programmes.


Whilst you’re at Learning Technologies, drop by our stand and say ‘hi’ to find out more about our solutions and try out some of our immersive training experiences for yourself! You’ll find us on stand N25, we look forward to seeing you there!


Join us at Learning Technologies Exhibition for a great seminar titled: “Harnessing the power of emerging technologies to bridge the ‘Learning – Doing’ Gap – AR, VR and more!

When: 14th February 2019 – 12.30pm

Where: Theatre 10 – Learning Technologies at the Excel London

Who: Sambit Mohapatra, Founder & Director, SiyonaTech

Bridging the ‘Learning-Doing’ gap has always been a challenge for organisations – often there is a time gap between training initiatives and the application, or a disconnect between the training environment and the real world. Traditional methods to overcome this gap have been through printed job-aids or manuals. With technology/devices becoming ubiquitous and less expensive, it’s become much easier to design performance support and refresher learning at the point-of-performance.

In this session SiyonaTech will showcase a few award-winning examples of effective point-of-performance solutions:

  • Augmented Reality (AR) based support on the operation, repair maintenance of Dell laptops
  • Augmented Reality (AR) based SmartGlasses support for Food Safety inspections
  • SmartPhone based intelligent support for Air Traffic Operators Cabin Fire refresher in Virtual Reality (VR)
  • ChatBots for Diabetes awareness.

About Sambit

Sambit is a technology-based learning pioneer, with experience from the early days of floppy-delivered CBTs to the current era of immersive technologies including Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), wearables and SmartGlasses.

His previous leadership roles include UK & European Head for Tata Interactive Systems and NIIT Element K, where he successfully supported a wide range of global organizations to implement learning technology.

Sambit’s passion is in enabling high performance through the creative use of technology and design.

With a multi-dimensional approach to solving business challenges, Sambit has always focussed on how to bridge and minimise the learning-doing gap effectively. His company SiyonaTech combines this passion with the organisational values of ‘happiness and grace’ to deliver award-winning, cutting-edge solutions with a great customer experience.


Whilst you’re at Learning Technologies, drop by our stand and say ‘hi’ to find out more about our solutions and try out some of our immersive training experiences for yourself! You’ll find us on stand N25, we look forward to seeing you there!


On the 23rd January 14 Diploma in Travel and Tourism, Level 3 students became the first Reading College class to successfully complete the Siyona Tech VR Cabin Fire-Fighting programme and earn their Achievement Certificates.

College Lecturer, Christina Elkins, described the day as a: ‘fantastic learning experience’!

Written by Colin Metcalfe.

Big thanks to Cheri Ashby, Group Executive Director at Activate Learning & Head of City of Oxford Campus, for presenting the Virtual Reality Aircraft Cabin Fire-Fighting Programme achievement certificates to successful students last month.

Written by Colin Metcalfe.

SiyonaTech paid their second visit to the City of Oxford Further Education College on the 14th December as part of their Virtual Reality trial. In front of a range of interested visitors and observers from Oxford and other colleges, 16 first year students were put through their paces on the Aircraft Cabin Fire-Fighting programme.

All 16 passed and that now means the total number of students, from all participating colleges, who have successfully completed the programme stands at 43. This means almost half of the target sample group has qualified during the first academic term.

A tremendous achievement by all concerned, but especially the students who, despite the vast majority having no prior experience of VR, have thrown all of their efforts into passing the programme and gaining their Certificate of Achievement. For the SiyonaTech team this makes performing the trial doubly gratifying.

Written by Colin Metcalfe.

Siyona Tech are sponsoring this year’s OEB Global, which incorporates Learning Technologies Germany and will take place at the intercontinental in Berlin from the 5th to 7th December.

OEB is a Global, cross sector conference and exhibition which brings you to the forefront of leading technology supported learning and training. It has a unique cross sector focus fostering exchange between corporate, education and public service sectors.

SiyonaTech will be showcasing a range of award winning learning and communication solutions at the stand from our portfolio:

  • Digital Learning and Communication (micro-learning, gamification)
  • Immersive Training and Communication (Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR))
  • Performance support (including via smart Glasses).

If you are reading this and are planning to visit the OEB, drop in at our stand Pavillon L42 to get hands on experience on repairing a laptop using an AR application, dousing a cabin fire within a plane using a VR application or sample our gamification based e-learning.

The City of Oxford College has become the second institution to join SiyonaTech’s VR Aircraft Cabin Fire-Fighting programme trial. On the 7th November 13 Students, on an extended Diploma in Travel and Tourism course, successfully completed both phases of the programme.  Many students who enrol to study this course go on to apply for Flight Attendant positions with UK major airlines; so a highly relevant topic.

Observers from the college management team and tutors called in to observe the session and many remarked how involved the students appeared to be with the programme. Peter Reynolds, Faculty Director – Business, Tourism, summed up everybody’s feelings when he commented: “This is developing into a great project.”

Written by Colin Metcalfe.

Each winter we have a tradition at SiyonaTech. We reach out and help those less fortunate than ourselves. This usually takes the form of the team heading out into the evening streets and distributing as many blankets as possible to those with no roof over their heads.

This year we wanted to do a little more.

There are so many essentials which we all take for granted, but so many people in our local area don’t have easy access too. The SiyonaTech team have put together 50 ‘Happiness & Grace bags’ and intend to offer them to rough sleepers in two of our local cities.

Tomorrow evening, the team will be in Reading, Berkshire, providing these bags to anyone and everyone who may need a little extra help this year.

If we have inspired you to spread a little more happiness & grace this winter, and you want to create your own bags to share, some of the items we’ve included are listed below:

The contents of one of our ‘Happiness & Grace’ bags

• Thick socks (socks are often the most requested and least donated item for rough sleepers!)
• Warm hat
• Gloves
• Blanket
• Hand warmers
• Antibacterial Hand wipes
• Tissues
• Soap bar
• Toothbrush & toothpaste
• Sanitary products (included in 40% of the bags)
• Emergency (space) blanket
• Snacks (dried fruit, nuts, breakfast bars etc.)
• Water bottle
• Bag to keep everything in
• Ziplock bags to store the food
• List of local resources and services which offer help.

‘Happiness & Grace’ are SiyonaTech’s core company values – we aim to incorporate them in everything we do. Doing so should deliver happy outcomes not just for us, but others as well and always ensure we conduct business and ourselves gracefully.

Happy Christmas,
The Team at SiyonaTech

A post by Laura Hanmer, Delivery Manager at SiyonaTech.