We design highly bespoke learning and communication solutions to support your change initiatives successfully, cascade critical messages efficiently or induct staff effectively.

Whatever your challenge, big or small, we start by trying to understand your purpose before determining: the learning approach, the way we engage your audience and how the content is delivered.

The output could be a single targeted intervention or a blended solution comprising a number of discrete elements working together to help deliver the highest impact.

Making e-Learning Amazing

Here are some of the ingredients that make our Digital learning solutions so special:

  • Performance oriented elements
  • Micro-learning and gamification
  • Motivating animations
  • Non-linear exploratory paths
  • Investigative storylines
  • Inspiring videos
  • Cinematic narrative
  • Interactive Root-cause timelines
  • Audience profiling and targeted learning.

Watch the video to see them in action.

Our Design Approach

We focus on the required performance the learners need to produce, plus the knowledge, skills and tools that enable them to perform it to the standard required. We don’t tell the learners lots of background information and expect them to translate this into action back at their desk.

We place learners in realistic job scenarios and ask them to:

  • apply existing knowledge and skills to new tasks
  • use the resources and tools they will have on the job, to do the job
  • work out what they can for themselves from their experience and from general principles
  • do the job

We support these activities with:

  • effective feedback
  • on-demand help (for the less experienced and those who are not activists)
  • stories and examples (relevant, memorable ones that stick)
  • expert and peer option (influencers quoted here)

Interactions that are (brain) connections, not clicks make for deeper, longer-term learning.

First Impressions

These are some comments made by end users when the have first used our solutions.
Our clients have shared them, unsolicited, and we really value these.

I think it’s brill and everyone else that’s seen it thinks the same.

Thanks for this; I have just installed it and it is fab! I recommend others to do likewise!

It looks really great and is easy to follow. Even more it makes me curious to explore more.

This is absolutly brilliant and so addictive. I am blown away by what you all have achieved.

It’s great! I am amazed you’ve turned out something with such complexity in such a short time!