SiyonaTech’s Performance Support solutions ensure that there is just-in-time learning and support where and when needed most, at the point of application.
Helping bridge the ‘learning-doing’ gap, the solutions we design ensure that learning is translated into performance in the real world.

Please select some examples below to view how we have made a difference.

iPad App for Sales Support

A F200 financial services firm selling complex insurance solutions needed to provide just-in-time learning and tools (pre/in and post meeting) to their sales team to maximise effectiveness at the point-of-performance. An iPad App with a host of intuitive features and refresher content made it very easy for sales people on-the-go to find what they need very quickly and apply it to the situation at hand. The App won a Silver Award in the Best Mobile Learning category.

SmartGlasses based support for technicians

Dell sells a huge range of laptops and even within product lines there are a lot of variations. Technicians, who service the laptops, need a lot of training and then support when they are out in the field. Since there is a fair amount of hands-on tasks, traditional methods don’t allow the technicians to easily translate their learning to performance. SiyonaTech’s SmartGlasses based Augmented Reality solution allows the technicians to bring in learning and support within their own point of view (POV), leaving hands free to carry out the task simultaneously. The solution won a silver award in the Most Innovative Product category.

Augmented Reality (AR) App on Battersea Power Station

Schindler, a global leader in mobility solutions was pitching for an elevator to be installed inside one of the iconic Battersea Power Station’s chimneys in London. Since the chimney is a confined space with no escape routes in between, they had to create a unique design featuring two semi-circular lifts, where passengers could be transferred to another lift if the other one failed. SiyonaTech designed an AR App to showcase the concept in 3D (projected over a map of the power station) to help Schindler’s clients visualise this innovative design. The AR App helped the company to be shortlisted.

Needs-Solutions Financial Intelligence Tree tool

A global financial services firm, with a large portfolio of solutions, wanted to encourage its sales team to better understand clients’ needs in order to map appropriate solution(s) to a particular need. SiyonaTech designed a quick reference ‘Financial Intelligence Tree’ that highlights the needs of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and how to perform the required mapping. Additionally, the tool also suggested relevant questions the team could ask the CFO to better understand these needs.

Android Proposal App

A global leader in mobility solutions wanted to improve on its present manner for presenting proposals. With all the technical and commercial details the proposal had to be presented in huge folders! They required an innovative approach that differentiated them from the competition, and was also easier to evaluate.

SiyonaTech designed an Android proposal App with a very smart User Interface (UI) that allowed reviewers quick access to specific parts of the proposal and send / receive emails on any questions they had. The App also allowed content to be changed easily and customisation of the look and feel so it could match the style of a new pitch. Presented in a branded case, the proposal App would load on the case being opened and enhance the position the company and present the pitch as innovative.

Sales support video

A leading global Defence firm was pitching for a large contract for offshore oilfield surveillance. The solution, comprising a number of passive defence elements, was designed to stall terrorists until support could fly in. The company wanted to feature real life scenarios and present them in a concise 1.5 – 2 minute high impact video.

SiyonaTech rendered the scenarios through a mix of semi-realistic 3D animation and live footage, and managed to convey the concept in a relevant, but highly dramatic and exciting manner. The company was shortlisted for the final pitch and the idea is now being customised for other large pitches.


ChatBots are now prevalent on commercial websites and allow users to intelligently access information using a natural conversational technique that they are used to in real life. SiyonaTech is pioneering the use of ChatBots in learning and performance support within enterprises. Learners can very quickly access information when and where they need it. A proof of concept developed for a Healthcare organisation on diabetes allows learners to understand the difference between different types of diabetes and find the best treatment options. Please select the link to see an example.

Inspections and Compliance

Smart Glasses

SmartCheck is designed as a tool to support inspections, maintenance checks and compliance – areas where ‘checklists’ need to be completed as a regular task and evidence collected.

It uses a highly flexible architecture so that a fully branded app populated with specific questions / checklists can be implemented easily.

Within their point-of-view (POV) Users can easily navigate the questions answering and submitting them as necessary. Additionally, they can also support their submissions with evidence captured through the SmartGlasses camera and dispatch to any internal system (intranet, a CRM, reporting tool, etc).

Training and Visualisation

Smart Glasses

SmartAssist is designed as a performance support tool to support users around a process – whether that’s in manufacturing and assembly, operation repair and maintenance tasks or quality assurance.

Users can access ‘step-by-step instructions’ on the process or quickly access a step at which they are stuck.

Providing relevant information to learners at the ‘point of performance’ and in their ‘point of view’ saves time compared to more traditional ‘support tools.’ It reduces potential errors whilst improving overall staff performance very effectively.

Field Support and Maintenance

Smart Glasses

LiveAssist takes remote support to a completely new level. It empowers anybody working ‘in-the-field’ (e.g. Engineers, service technicians, construction workers, etc) to perform tasks far more effectively. Having help at hand with remote experts supporting them, the field personnel’s service competence
and speed of delivery increases whilst costs (valuable specialists not having to travel to the site) are reduced.

Along with an encrypted video call feature, there is the ability for an expert to send visual support items such as technical drawings as well as annotated images (incl. annotated screenshots from the SmartGlasses camera) to quickly and effectively help the person on-site complete a task.

First Impressions

These are some of the comments made by our end users when they have first implemented our solutions. We really value this type of unsolicited feedback.

I think it’s brill and everyone else that’s seen it thinks the same.

Thanks for this; I have just installed it and it is fab! I recommend others to do likewise!

It looks really great and is easy to follow. Even more it makes me curious to explore more.

This is absolutly brilliant and so addictive. I am blown away by what you all have achieved.

It’s great! I am amazed you’ve turned out something with such complexity in such a short time!